“It is not a tail. It’s rustic. And the last time I checked floating, pink lanterns were hardly symbols of a man’s attractiveness.”

“Whoa, whoa there. These lanterns are only symbolizing how hot I am. You know because you have to light them and then they turn—” -Eyes the man up and down- “Alright, alright, you get my drift.”

“Oh come on now! Are you really picking on me about that? I mean, I’M not the one standing there with a dream catcher around MY neck. -Grabs onto the small catcher, holding it in his hands and then pulls it with enough strength that comes undone and off of John- Besides, from what I’ve already gathered, your dream has already been caught, dreamcatcher boy”

ooc: looool ok for the sake of your pride we’ll pretend its a dreamcatcher and not a compass

John rolled his eyes and laughed, holding out his hand. “Alright, I won’t pick on you for the lanterns - don’t hurt yourself.”

He tilted his head back as the dream catcher was tugged from his chest, flinching inwardly, but being sure not to show any visible reaction on his features. He shifts his weight and smirks, pointing to the design on the dream catcher. “You’d be right about that one. She’s the one who gave it to me.” He takes the charm from the other man and ties it back around his neck, tucking it in to his shirt. “Lantern boy.”

Hey, if we’re talkin’ about hot, I think I’m a pretty good example, eh?

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